dijon-braised brussel sprouts

yesterday was lazy & productive at the same time. tots has had a pimple for weeks now that google convinced me was a deadly tumor, so we got up early & road-tripped out to mount goreb to see a vet i had heard great things about. it was worth the drive. the husband & wife team who run the clinic were exceedingly kind, friendly & thorough. the clinic was meticulous & i was seen immediately even though i was running pretty late, as i only gave myself 30 minutes to get there. despite the length of the trip, i’ll definitely be returning if tots has anymore issues. oh & for the record, tots is gonna live.

other than that, yesterday consisted of snuggling with tots on the couch while working on a paper, a yoga class & watching the movie easy a (weird & funny, exactly how i like my movies). it was a pretty good day, but then smitten kitchen’s dijon-braised brussel sprouts came into my life & made it a great day.

this recipe was super easy & quick (less than 30 minutes). while the sprouts were simmering, i took a quick shower. i don’t recommend doing this while you have things cooking on the stove, but luckily i had a friend over to hold the fort down.

on smitten kitchen, deb writes that she had a hard time not drinking the sauce from the pan with a straw. i was mildly grossed out when i read that, until the sauce started to come together. i immediately saw what she meant. this sauce is so tasty! what a delicious way to prepare brussel sprouts. i am going to take this sauce logic & apply it to all sorts of veggies, including the asparagus spears chilling (literally) in my freezer.


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2 Responses to dijon-braised brussel sprouts

  1. huda says:

    Looks amazing, i never cooked B.S. You inspired me to give this recipe a try.

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