roasted vegetables with garlic & thyme

this is the perfect lazy sunday recipe if you’ve got leftovers to tide you over, though these vegetables can easily be turned into a meal. my favorite way to eat them is in a warm sandwich with a slice of havarti, topped with a dollop of mayo & dried sage. they are delicious all on their own as a side dish & would probably fare well atop a bed of greens as a salad, in pasta, or on pizza. this recipe is adapted from gourmande in the kitchen. after baking the vegetables, she marinates them in olive oil. i did not like how oily this made the veggies when i prepared them this way the first time, so i cut the marinade part out & made a few other changes to the original. this recipe makes enough to fill three medium-sized mason jars.

-1 medium zucchini, sliced
-1 medium  yellow squash, sliced
-16 small tomatoes on the vine (about 24 oz.), halved
-10-12 cloves of garlic (about one head) [tip: crush each clove with the side of a butcher knife, it makes the paper easier to peel away & allows the garlic flavor to release more easily while the vegetables cook]
-garlic salt, pepper & dried thyme, to taste
-8 sprigs of fresh thyme (optional)

1. preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. arrange equal amounts of each vegetable on two large baking sheets.
3. drizzle veggies with a moderate amount of olive oil.
4. sprinkle with garlic salt, pepper & dried thyme, to taste.
5. bake for 45 minutes. when finished, vegetables should appear slightly shrunken but should retain enough liquid so that they are still moist.
6. remove & pack tightly into container(s); allow containers to cool, then refrigerate. gourmande in the kitchen suggests waiting 48 hours before using to allow flavors to develop. if you are anything like me, your willpower will not be that strong.

be prepared for your house to fill with an amazing fragrance while these pretty little guys bake.

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