cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread

sunday night i was craving something sweet, so i stayed up late making this bread. halfway through, i got too tired to wait for the dough to rise yet again, so i assembled the doughy, buttery, cinnamon sugary pieces in the baking dish, stuck the dish in my fridge & went to bed.

monday morning i woke up, wandered into the kitchen, made an excessive amount of coffee to carry me through the long day of studying ahead & slipped my doughy creation into the oven. the apartment filled with the festive scent of cinnamon as i sipped my coffee & perused a con law II “outline” (i use that term loosely, because at 133 pages the thing is almost as long as the textbook itself). my reward for fearlessly facing that beast of an outline first thing monday morning? a “piece” (i use that word loosely too, as half the loaf is closer to what was actually consumed) of warm, soft, cinnamon-sugary goodness that was perfect for consuming excessively alongside my coffee.

the best part about this recipe is that, unlike many baking recipes, this one is apartment-friendly. that is, it does not require machinery, which in turn requires space.

About Christina

Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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