i’m on a holiday spice kick lately; can you tell? first it was the cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread & now it’s these amazingly easy to bake, super-soft snickerdoodle cookies from the kitchn. let’s not forget about my daily cup (or six) of dunkin’ donuts pumpkin spice coffee & the holiday-scented candles i have burning at any given moment. these cookies easily took under a half hour to prepare & did not require the use of any heavy duty machinery. considering i literally have 4 cupboards & a single drawer in my poor excuse for a kitchen, & thus no room to store said machinery, i was a fan.

true to form, there were some minor differences in my method as compared to the original recipe. first, i used light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar, because that was all i had on hand. after a quick google search, i learned that the only difference between the two is that the latter contains more molasses. second, i formed bigger dough balls than the original recipe suggests–about 2-2.5 inch dough balls instead of 1.5 inch little guys. i like a big cookie, what can i say? last, because of my second tweak, i had to cook the cookies for 2 minutes longer than suggested. it’s important to take the cookies out of the oven while they still look a little soft in order to get a soft, chewy texture.

the verdict? instead of 3 dozen cookies, i wound up with about 28. this was to be expected since my cookies turned out a little bigger than the ones the original recipe would have yielded. they were very yummy, but did not taste like classic snickerdoodles. this is coming from a snickerdoodle connoisseur.  it turns out that the classic snickerdoodle recipe contains cream of tartar. i wonder if this was the missing link. over break, i intend to bake another batch using a different recipe, one that perhaps requires heavy duty machinery (oh the luxuries of mom’s kitchen), so i will keep you posted.

*disclaimer: do not make these cookies if you are not cool with foregoing real meals & eating only cookies for the next 48 hours, because that is exactly what will happen. if you have a fur baby, he or she may add insult to injury by watching you consume this ungodly amount of cookies with a disdainful, yet jealous glare (see above).

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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2 Responses to snickerdudes

  1. Erica says:

    Just made a half a batch of these bad boys (knowing I wouldn’t be able to control myself alone in my apartment with 3 dozen cookies…). Couldn’t be happier studying with coffee and doodles all day! Screw the food pyramid, this is all I need!

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