lunch at aldo’s cafe

wednesday, kari & i tried to go to slow food’s last cafe lunch, which was hosted in conjunction with the underground food collective. regrettably, the event was so popular that by the time we got there, all the food had sold out. don (remember him?) graciously suggested that we try aldo’s cafe, just down the street from the church where slow food magic occurs. boy were we glad we took his advice!

the cafe is in a convenient location for us law students, just a ways down university & across the street from the law building, in the wisconsin institute for discovery. i liked the clean modern lines of the restaurant & the transparency of the kitchen, which was enclosed by glass walls. the staff was also quirky, friendly & upbeat.

i had a turkey sandwich topped with cranberry aioli, chipotle cheddar & spinach. i also had a side salad. i normally don’t like the bitterness of rye bread, but its contrast with the sweetness of the cranberry aioli was perfect. kari agreed after taking a bite of my sandwich.  the salad was also fresh & delicious. the portion was so generous that i split it with kari.  i wanted to drink the creamy balsamic dressing directly from its container.

kari had the roast beef au jus, which was also very tasty. i am not a huge roast beef person, but it looked so good that i needed to have a bite. my eyes did not deceive me! i might be getting that next time.

a must-try restaurant for those of you cooped up just a few feet away in the law building, but good enough to trek to from anywhere on campus, for sure.

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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