brunch at morning star cafe

this time of year, tradition seems to mean everything. although i’m not as enamored with tradition as say, justice scalia, eating at morning star cafe with all my siblings every time we’re home simultaneously is one of my favorite traditions of all.

we usually go on late weekend mornings, when the waiting area is packed with familiar faces from my childhood. if there’s a long wait, it goes by quickly in the cafe’s comfortable waiting area with ample seating. another thing i love about this restaurant is the staff–the service is amazing & the turnover rate is low. this means we know all the waiters & they know some of our orders by heart. there’s something comforting about coming to a restaurant like that. then of course, there’s the food. it’s the reason us locals bother vying with chicago tourists for a table here in the summer.

my favorite thing to get is the focaccia club pictured below, which comes with smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, spinach & sage mayo (although i order it sans bacon). the restaurant officially doesn’t serve lunch on weekends, but they’ll usually grant me this wish if they still have some of the freshly made focaccia left over from during the week.  if i’m in a breakfast mood, i love the denver omelet as well as the veggie & breakfast quesadillas. the must-try at this restaurant, however, is the stuffed french toast, which involves sweetened cream cheese sandwiched between two soft, thick slices of french toast, drizzled with raspberry & vanilla sauces.
this restaurant is by far the best place to go for breakfast or brunch in this part of west michigan. whenever friends from out of town are visiting, i bring them here on the last morning of their stay. over cups of morning star’s delicious dark star coffee, we’ll recap the weekend & take our time saying goodbye. college & law school friends alike remember this restaurant as vividly as the day they were there. i, too, remember this restaurant when i’m away from my hometown. i’ll wake up on a sunday & crave the easy company of my siblings & the full, satisfied feeling i get after eating here. then i’ll go back to bed, dreaming of the next time i’ll be home & able to enjoy both of these luxuries.

About Christina

Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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