christmas morning buns

i’d never had a morning bun until i moved to madison, where they are sold everywhere (including starbucks, although i’m certain there are better places to find them). as you know, i’m on a cinnamon kick, so these seemed like the logical pastry to contribute to my family’s christmas morning brunch.

the final product was good, but i felt that the recipe did not address some issues i had. first, my poolish did not resemble the one pictured at the original site–it seemed less watery. i proceeded anyway. second, the dough never formed the ball it was supposed to have formed, according to the recipe. i tried to roll it into one, but it was too sticky. i shrugged & put it in the fridge before heading to church with my family on christmas eve. after cooling for a few hours in the fridge, it was much easier to work with.

i rolled the dough out to about an inch of thickness, brushed it with butter & sprinkled it with sugar and cinnamon (instead of just sugar like the recipe said). i then rolled it up & sliced it into twelve pieces (see above). i dipped each piece in butter & then cinnamon sugar before instead of after baking them. that way, all i had to do christmas morning was let the buns come to room temperature before popping them into the oven. i never tented them with foil like the recipe suggested to prevent them from burning, which made the buns crunchy on the outside but soft & chewy on the inside. my family ate them up, upset that i only made a dozen. i’ll definitely make them again & maybe tent them next time to prevent the outsides from being so crunchy.

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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