portobello mushroom lasagna

this portobello mushroom lasagna recipe is one of my favorite recipes, especially when it’s cold outside. it’s a warm, rich dish that doesn’t have to be too heavy. i love the earthy undertones of nutmeg, although i find the dish too salty when i put the suggested amount of salt in the sauce. i find that the salt used to boil the noodles & cook the mushrooms is more than enough. i also use skim milk instead of whole milk & that works fine. lastly, i use 9 oz. of parmesan. i’m not sure how that compares to measuring out a cup of parmesan, like the original recipe says to do. make sure your timer is set loud enough for you to hear it go off, or you’ll end up with a very crunchy upper layer, like i did. regardless, this dish is always a hit & makes great leftovers–it’s actually easier to cut a piece that stays in tact once the dish has cooled or been refrigerated. enjoy!

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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2 Responses to portobello mushroom lasagna

  1. Kari says:

    You’re making this for me when we get back to Maddy…okay, thanks.

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