lunch with beth at mia & grace

something nice about being home is seeing friends you haven’t seen in awhile. tuesday morning i met beth, who was one of my best friends growing up, at a local coffee shop.  it was nice to catch up for hours over massive cups of coffee after not seeing each other for years. we agreed to have lunch later in the week before she returned to portland, where she lives now. after hearing beth rave about the local, ethical & sustainable food scene in portland, i knew she would appreciate a lunch date at mia & grace, an adorable bistro i discovered this summer in muskegon, michigan.

mia & grace is a farm-to-table restaurant that utilizes food from local farms & food vendors, such as the cheese lady –a local favorite of my dad’s. the bistro is housed in an old brick building with pine wood floors & brightly colored walls adorned with local art that make for great conversation pieces. you walk in, you walk up to the pastry counter & take a look at the menu, which is handwritten & posted on the walls on brown packing paper. you sit down, tell a waiter your order & wait for some fresh, delicious food to be delivered to your table.

beth & i split two of my favorite dishes from this restaurant: the raw edam grilled cheese with onion jam (which should sound familiar) & the fried goat cheese salad, both pictured below. while we waited for our food, we talked about everything from the interesting paintings on the walls, to the collection of pig stuff on the shelves, to the gorgeous photographs of the owners’ children that line the hallway to the bathrooms.

i’ve eaten here before, so i knew everything would be amazing. this restaurant is definitely one of the best in this part of the state. it serves breakfast, lunch & dinner & is also accepting reservations for new year’s eve. the menu includes many other interesting choices for the adventurous gourmand, including lots of duck dishes (pb&j, bratwurst & bbq crepes) & a rabbit dish. there are also many vegetarian options.

we saved room for dessert, ordering the mile high german chocolate cake, replete with coconut shavings folded between it layers. between the drool-worthy food & the comforting company of an old friend, i couldn’t have asked for a better midday meal.

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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2 Responses to lunch with beth at mia & grace

  1. bandit says:

    i want to go eat there :( sad that break went by without us having lunch there

  2. Anna says:


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