the last big splurge: croissants for the final breakfast of 2011

a couple hours before the last stroke of midnight of 2011, i caught the baking bug when i stumbled upon a recipe for these traditional french croissants, which had me at hello. although the process was time-consuming, the end result was worth it. my family & i broke this bread for our last breakfast of the year. we really enjoyed these freshly-baked, still-warm croissants. the outsides were flaky & slightly crisp, while the insides had a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture.  i intended on eating my croissant with labneh, a traditional arabic breakfast food, but after one bite of my croissant i decided to enjoy it all on its own. i may or may not have snuck extra croissants throughout the morning.

although i thought this recipe was great–very descriptive & well-written, there were several things i’d change. first, if you work quickly with the dough when you get to step 7, you should not have to refrigerate the dough until you put it in the fridge overnight. second, i made my croissants slightly bigger by using triangle bases larger than 5 inches (about 7) — so i did not get as many croissants as i should have. you’d think that because i made them bigger, the baking time would increase. however, that revealed a major flaw with the recipe, which one of the comments alerted me to. the suggested baking time is much too long. my croissants were larger than they should have been & still only took 15 minutes to bake as opposed to the 22 the recipe suggests. if you follow the sizing suggestions, it probably will take you even less time to get perfect croissants. pay attention to that because you will not be happy with burnt croissants after putting your sweat & blood into rolling & folding the dough a million times!

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