sweet potato gratin with caramelized onions, sage & chipotle peppers

sorry for the brief hiatus… i left good ol’ michigan on wednesday in order to head back to school. on my way, i stopped to see my sister & some college friends in chicago. my inner shopping monster also came out in full effect. lucky for my wallet, i ended up having to cut my pit stop short & heading to madison a day early to beat the snow storm. a good decision for sure, i thought, as i watched snow fall outside my bedroom window last night while snuggling under the covers with tots.

the good thing about every goodbye is a goodbye meal. for my final dinner at my parents, i made a sweet potato gratin with caramelized onions, sage & chipotle peppers with a spinach salad on the side. i absolutely love this dish. although sweet potatoes have many amazing health benefits, this casserole is still an indulgence. sandwiched between layers of sweet potato discs is a creamy sauce chock full of the rich flavors of garlic & onion, pops of fresh sage & warm, spicy undertones of chipotle peppers. read on for my advice on how to tweak this recipe for the better.

to make this dish healthier, you could always use a roux-based sauce with skim milk instead of cream. i also used a real chipotle pepper (minced) instead of chipotle powder, since we had some leftover from the beef tacos i’d made earlier. one last piece of advice i have about this recipe is to add a 1/4 cup of milk (or cream) because there definitely isn’t enough liquid to evenly pour over the potatoes. although the recipe says to resist the urge to do this, i’ve made this both ways (following their advice & following my own instincts) & it definitely turns out better when the cream can be drizzled over the top layer of potatoes evenly. oh & just a warning, you will seriously want to slurp this sauce out of the pan like leftover milk in a cereal bowl… it is soooo tasty!

coming up later this week (yes, now that my time is about to become tight again, i’ve got to plan my meals in advance):
-carrot miso soup from smitten kitchen
-asian-inspired flat iron steak from pioneer woman with a roasted vegetable medley
-salad with smoked salmon, roasted mushrooms & asparagus
-red lentil soup topped with poached eggs

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