the baker’s window

today was a gorgeous morning for me to roll out of bed & take the long way to the winter farmer’s market. there, i bought beets, red potatoes, shiitake mushrooms & a couple heads of garlic. unfortunately for me, or maybe fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, the spicy cheese bread (my weakness) was nowhere to be found. luckily, i ran into my friend julia, a fellow law student & a madison native, who suggested that i make a stop at the baker’s window, a brand new bakery located at 122 state street.

like other suggestions julia has given me (including to stop by her aunt’s wonderful, local & independent bookstore, a room of one’s own), this one did not disappoint.  i ordered a croissant, a cherry almond scone & a morning bun. i thought about eating them before i got back to my apartment so i wouldn’t have to share any with nathan, but my manners got the best of me.  lucky for him, because everything was delicious.

we split the croissant, which was perfect–slightly crisp on the outside & soft & buttery on the inside. it reminded me of the croissants i made for my family while i was home over break, only better (obviously). i had a bite of the cherry-almond scone, which “tasted like christmas,” as nathan put it after dipping it in coffee.  i also had a bite of the morning bun, still warm from the oven. it was as soft as the croissant with hints of cinnamon. although it was delicious, i’m not sure i’d call it a morning bun–when i think of a morning bun, i think of it as a cross between a cinnamon bun & a croissant, with much more cinnamon. regardless, i would get this “morning bun” again, because whatever it was, it was yummy.

*if you’re wondering why the last two photos put the rest of my photos to shame, it is because nathan took them on his monster camera. he takes unbelievable photos–my favorites are the ones of the beach back home.

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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4 Responses to the baker’s window

  1. starbucksweetie says:

    Wow, Nathan’s photos are really good. I like the star trails one.

    • christina says:

      thank you, i’ll tell him you said so. he really does take gorgeous pictures. i want him to get into portraits more, because i love framing pictures of family around my apartment.

  2. Brad says:

    Love the review of Bakers window.

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