authentic arabic hummus

so i love being arabic for lots of reasons — the rich history of my culture, the trips back to the old country, having a secret language in which to speak to my sisters in public (although the flip side of this is our mom having a secret language in which to yell at us in public; there’s also the karma of being the center of foreign conversation at a vietnamese nail salon), the massive family, the weddings & of course, the food.  however, i have a bone to pick with the food. growing up in a family of amazing arab cooks has totally & completely spoiled me.

i never order arabic food out at a restaurant unless i’m in dearborn or i know that a bona fide arab runs the restaurant because nothing compares to the real thing. grocery store brands don’t cut it either; not only are they typically much too bland & full of ingredients i can’t pronounce, but buying hummus at a grocery store could actually mean that you are financially contributing to groups who commit human rights violations against arabs. anyway, it’s just too easy not to make at home–it literally takes 5 minutes to whip up. with a little trial & error, i was able to come up with something that tasted almost exactly like the hummus my dad makes for us, which is definitely a good thing!

-1 16-oz. can garbanzo beans/chickpeas, drained & rinsed (save a couple beans for garnish, if you’d like)
-3 cloves garlic, smashed & peeled (use more if you want; there’s no such thing as “too much garlic” in arab cuisine)
-2 tbsp tahini
-2 tbsp olive oil (plus more for drizzling)
-2 tbsp lemon juice
-1/2 tsp salt
-cayenne pepper for sprinkling
-parsley or cilantro for garnish

combine all ingredients except for last two in a food processor or blender (i used an immersion blender) & blend until smooth. transfer to serving bowl, sprinkle with cayenne (careful if you’re not used to it; it’s spicy!), drizzle with olive oil & garnish with a sprig of cilantro or parsley if you’re feeling fancy. enjoy with warm pita bread as the main star of a veggie wrap! make sure you taste it before serving it ensure that you don’t want more lemon or salt, etc.  the beauty of hummus is that it is easily personalized–i usually like mine a little creamier than this, so maybe next time i’ll add more olive oil & lemon juice. i was also eyeing up some roasted red pepper to throw into the mix for next time!

*makes about 2 cups

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2 Responses to authentic arabic hummus

  1. Teri Blair says:

    It is also great with fresh ginger added! And served with vegetables!! YUM!!

    • christina says:

      that sounds interesting! & yes you’re right, i love to dip carrots & celery into my hummus. i also like eating it alongside olives & pickled turnips. does your recipe differ much?

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