roasted eggplant with garlic buttermilk sauce & pomegranate seeds


it took me awhile to figure out what to write about this afternoon, since i’ve had so much good food since last we met.  nathan was here over the weekend & took me to lombardino’s for a birthday dinner on friday. it was wonderful minus the fake brick wall we were sitting next to (as far as i’m concerned that is an interior design no-no, especially because the space already had so much real character). we shared the calamari to start. i had the housemade pappardelle with truffled mushrooms (out of this world) & he had the meyer lemon seafood linguine (which he didn’t even let me try because he loved it so much). we also split the boca nera, a flourless chocolate cake spiked with grand marnier & topped with an orange shortbread cookie. nathan was obsessed with it & he’s not even a chocolate person.

on saturday, he made these buffalo wings for us with the chili pepper sauce from trader joe’s. they were awesome. we were obsessed. we swore up & down we would always make our own buffalo wings from that point on. of course i ate at the bdubs next door to dragonfly hot yoga after class on sunday night with kari…and that was after i had this wonderful meal for dinner.

eggplant in buttermilk sauce is yet another straightforward, simple, yet tasty recipe from plenty by yotam ottolenghi. i’m not a huge fan of eggplant (unless it’s in this dish), so i’ve been trying to make it more to challenge myself to like it. it’s hard to hate an eggplant topped with tangy buttermilk sauce & the sweet bursts of pomegranate. the za’atar addition didn’t hurt either.  i loved it. here is the recipe, although bon appetite mistakenly says to preheat the oven to 350–the book says to preheat it to 400, which is what i did. you should definitely preheat to 400 or your eggplant will not be tender enough.

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