spring vegetable tart with thyme & gruyere

saturday morning was cold & rainy. after waking up early for a run, i took a hot shower, bundled up & headed to the farmer’s market. armed with cups of hot tea & fresh pastries from stella’s bakery (apple turnover for me, bearclaw for her), my friend kari & walked around the capitol square at a leisurely pace, admiring all the pretty produce. we walked away with lots of springtime goodies like asparagus, green onions, shiitake mushrooms & rhubarb. i also got some cherry tomatoes, basil, a spring mix of lettuce & fresh colby jack cheese curds.

i knew what i would be doing with the asparagus & mushrooms. i had some ingredients leftover from an asparagus gruyere tart i made last weekend using this martha stewart recipe (pictured above). it was so delicious that i knew i needed another one in my life soon. tonight, i decided to put a little spin on that recipe by adding mushrooms, garlic powder & thyme. ugh. so good. you must make this as soon as possible (with fresh & local ingredients if you want good karma).

-1 frozen puff pastry, thawed (i like dufours)
-1/4 lb asparagus, cut into 2-inch pieces
-1/4  lb shiitake mushrooms, stems removed & chopped into bite-sized pieces
-1 1/2 cups shredded cheese (i used a swiss & gruyere blend from trader joe’s)
-olive oil (for drizzling & to saute mushrooms)
-salt & pepper, to taste
-1 tsp dried (or fresh!) thyme
-1 tsp garlic powder

1) preheat oven to 400 degrees. roll puff pastry out to a 10 x 15 inch rectangle. puncture it all over with a fork & bake for 10 minutes.
2) meanwhile saute mushrooms in olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat for about 10 minutes until they become tender & give up their liquids.
3) when puff pastry is done in the oven (leave oven on), arrange cheese, asparagus & sauteed mushrooms on top.
4) seasons with salt, pepper, thyme & garlic powder.
5) bake for an additional 20-25 minutes until asparagus is tender.

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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1 Response to spring vegetable tart with thyme & gruyere

  1. Both of these tarts look superb. I see one in my near future. You have many wonderful talents, girly. How about you write on this blog more often, yah? :)

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