smoky-sweet mango salsa

pepper jack cheese is my favorite. this week, i’ve been using the shredded trader joe’s variation (highly recommended) on everything from my egg white omelets to super simple quesadillas. yesterday, i decided to spice up my quesadilla a little bit since a friend was coming over for lunch. i sauteed portobello mushrooms in paprika, garlic powder, cayenne pepper & red pepper flakes & added those to the quesadillas. we ate them with greek yogurt & an impromptu mango salsa inspired by this post, which i pinned for later & never actually read. so this recipe should be a little different from that one, if not a lot. good different. i loved this salsa, as did the friends with whom i shared it. i could eat it plain, but then again i could eat most salsas plain if we’re being honest. it’s a spicy one, so be sure to reduce the amount of chipotle peppers & adobo sauce if you can’t handle the heat.

-12 oz. mango, peeled & diced
-1/2 large onion (i used white, but i bet red would be good too), diced
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1/3 cup cilantro, finely chopped
-3 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, finely chopped
-1 tbsp of adobo sauce (from can of chipotles)
-the juice of 2 limes
-salt & pepper to taste

combine all ingredients in large bowl & serve chilled or at room temperature. this recipe makes about 3 cups of salsa, but that’s just an estimate as i did not measure it out.


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1 Response to smoky-sweet mango salsa

  1. jumbledpile says:

    That sounds delicious. Black beans & rice on the side… yum.

    If you like pepper jack, have you tried White Jasmine’s cumin gouda? (Not a sales pitch.) I tried it at a beer & cheese fest and have loved it since. It’s creamy & spicy with hot pepper flakes.

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