Dessa – Warsaw

Dessa’s album Parts of Speech is all poetry balanced by raw conviction. If you’re a stranger to this blog, you should know that I admire and frequently profile fierce women who can weave their words together in a way that makes you look at English, a language you’ve spoken your whole life, and see it brand new: a prism of possibility, a vehicle for personality.

I love the more popular “Call Off Your Ghosts” best, but “Warsaw” has a darker, more addictive quality. I like this part:

Waive the charade, man, you lay it on thick,
It’s a dive bar, save the game: you drink and you sit
Easy to please, but hard to impress
I’m in the mood, new shoes, and a bulletproof dress
Sugar on the rim and a shot of mescal
Man it’s murder in the morning, but it’s good for morale

This part too:

And I’m still living by my maiden name
The name I came with, the name I made
And I’m bare-faced at your masquerade
Filled a flask up before I came

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Milwaukee-based bon vivant. Lover of food, yoga, design, good words & loving kindness.
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