Pan-fried Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes with Scallions


Wisconsin winter weekend mornings are meant for slow rising, wool sock wearing, the Head & the Heart crooning faintly in the background, French-pressing your coffee & spending a little more time on making breakfast than you normally would on a weekday. The past few weekends, I’ve been really into this trio, making it for myself, Nathan & any of our friends who happen to be over on a Saturday or Sunday morning: fried eggs (over easy), a heap of fresh greens tossed in homemade dijon dressing & pan-fried breakfast potatoes inspired by Marigold Kitchen.

In a happy accident, I discovered the delicious & unfussy secrets behind my favorite breakfast potatoes a couple weekends ago. I was experimenting with my recently acquired cast iron pan (I already want a bigger one). Nathan had just cooked bacon in it & I used some of the leftover fat to simmer the yukon golds I had sliced as thin as I could manage. I arranged them in a single layer & doused them with seasoned salt. As soon as they got crispy & brown on one side, I flipped them, promptly dousing the other side with seasoned salt too. As soon as they were done, I scraped them out of the pan & into a serving dish, which I kept in the oven at 170 degrees to stay warm as I finished making two more batches. I then sliced up two green onions, tops included & sprinkled them over the top. That’s literally it. I almost feel stupid for sharing because you probably could’ve figured this out yourself, let’s face it.

Pan-fried Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes with Scallions

-1.5 lbs yukon gold potatoes, scrubbed cleaned, spuds removed, sliced thin as you can
-2 green onions, sliced thinly
-bacon fat or butter (half a tablespoon for each batch – you don’t want too much fat or it won’t get crispy)
-seasoned salt

1. Heat butter or bacon fat in a (preferably cast iron) pan over medium heat.
2. Add potatoes in a single layer, seasoning generously with seasoned salt.
3. Let cook for a few minutes (first batch/side will take longest) until crispy & browned, then flip, re-seasoning side two.
4. Transfer to serving dish & keep warm in oven as you repeat at least two more times for remaining potatoes.
5. Top potatoes with thinly sliced green onions just prior to serving.

IMG_8296 as Smart Object-1

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1 Response to Pan-fried Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes with Scallions

  1. Yousif I Hamati says:

    Great job Christina when I was growing this how we made potatoes I never ate precut potatoes till I arrived in America we made everything

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