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“Believe Women” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means If You’re Whining About It Being Unfair

First, let me say that I hear you (“you” being some men that I’ve heard say this in the past week) and I understand where you’re coming from. You’re coming from a place of less understanding and less knowledge due … Continue reading

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Microhabits You Can Employ Over Time for High-Impact Results

Microhabits are small habitual actions you can employ over time at little to no impact to the rest of your life with the idea that doing a little bit of something each day adds up to a lot of something … Continue reading

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7 Easy, Healthy Changes I Made to My Life After Being Diagnosed with Cancer at 27

The year I turned 27 was a very difficult year. I began experiencing a cascade of symptoms that felt innocuous at first— a little bit of numbness here, a little bit of itching there —but gradually progressed to something much … Continue reading

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“Arabs are the worst.”

I want to share an experience I had yesterday with all of you. Right before I taught a yoga class, someone who does not know me at all began a conversation with me. She mentioned that she was a schoolteacher … Continue reading

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Pan-fried Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes with Scallions

Wisconsin winter weekend mornings are meant for slow rising, wool sock wearing, the Head & the Heart crooning faintly in the background, French-pressing your coffee & spending a little more time on making breakfast than you normally would on a weekday. … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Darkness

This is beautiful.

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How to Make a Heart a Home

I sink into the backseat of his cab and read him the address of my destination. He asks me where I’m from and I reciprocate. He’s from Afghanistan, and not much older than me. He’s been in this country for … Continue reading

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1989 – Taylor Swift: A Drinking Game

This album sucks so much I decided to make a drinking game out of it to get my money’s worth. I PREORDERED IT. Go on, laugh. I was hoping for another Fearless or Speak Now, okay!? It’s Thursday and the work day’s done, … Continue reading

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The Voyager – Jenny Lewis

Give your ears some lovin’ & plug into this album on NPR for a preview until it becomes available July 29. You’re welcome :)

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Alive – Anthony Lamarr

Early in the year, one of my yoga students asked me to teach a special class that he could film and turn into a music video to accompany a song he had written. It turned out so beautifully that I … Continue reading

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