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7 Easy, Healthy Changes I Made to My Life After Being Diagnosed with Cancer at 27

The year I turned 27 was a very difficult year. I began experiencing a cascade of symptoms that felt innocuous at first— a little bit of numbness here, a little bit of itching there —but gradually progressed to something much … Continue reading

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Pan-fried Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes with Scallions

Wisconsin winter weekend mornings are meant for slow rising, wool sock wearing, the Head & the Heart crooning faintly in the background, French-pressing your coffee & spending a little more time on making breakfast than you normally would on a weekday. … Continue reading

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The Voyager – Jenny Lewis

Give your ears some lovin’ & plug into this album on NPR for a preview until it becomes available July 29. You’re welcome :)

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Things You Should Put in Your Mouth: Organic India Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea

My friend Rukmini is generous as they come. She moves gracefully, almost without sound; talks in a cool, earth-smooth voice through pillow lips and a gorgeous smile; and keeps her dark hair short. She came over for dinner a couple … Continue reading

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Things You Should Put in Your Mouth: Coco Roons

I know you’re suspicious right now. Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Raw? And they call themselves “macaroons?” Hear me out though. These bad boys are out of control good, even if they’re not quite how Laduree throws it down. I took a Bikram class last … Continue reading

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i carry it in my hips & buffalo chicken mac ‘n’ cheese helps me get rid of it

no, i’m not talking about the stuff love handles are made of. i’m talking about the more abstract things we carry in our bell jars, the things yoga teachers say that make you roll your eyes with nausea: stress, tension, … Continue reading

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adventures in juicing: pomegranate, cranberry & citrus, oh my

there’s something magical about winter produce. how something as vibrantly colored as pomegranates, cranberries, or the flesh of a blood orange comes from a season marked by the bitter cold & relentless wind is puzzling but wonderful to me. pomegranates … Continue reading

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10 ways to be better in 2014

1. move more. take more yoga classes. seek out new teachers. run more. maybe another half marathon. maybe not. come spring, hike again. nix the phone. leash the dog. go for miles. take long slurps of fresh air. stop at a … Continue reading

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curried apple butternut squash soup & other vices

99% of the time i am a staunch antagonist of tradition, commercialism, organized religion–organized anything, if we’re being honest, even bathroom drawers. of course, we’re all hypocrites, myself included. december does me no favors. how can i resist vibrant sprigs … Continue reading

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a full week & pizza fit for queen

i’ve had a week of days as full as sails on a windy day. busy, but good. after work one day in a bustling basement, i ate butternut squash-apple soup, a sage-infused dinner roll & a warm green salad while … Continue reading

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