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portobello mushroom tacos

last week when we were out for dinner, my friend mylee gave me the idea to make mushroom tacos. i liked the idea because my favorite taco recipe, while delicious, is made with beef & very heavy to digest. i … Continue reading

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portobello mushroom lasagna

this portobello mushroom lasagna recipe is one of my favorite recipes, especially when it’s cold outside. it’s a warm, rich dish that doesn’t have to be too heavy. i love the earthy undertones of nutmeg, although i find the dish … Continue reading

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vegetarian coq au vin & hot mashed potatoes

coq au vin was one of my favorite things to make when i first got my slow cooker. it was a simple & sophisticated meal that stewed in red wine as i sat in class all day. ¬†when i finally … Continue reading

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